There are many Universities in Spain that are internationally recognized and some of the top ones can be found in Barcelona. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. Many students from all over the world come to this city to study and admire the Gaudi architecture. They come to enjoy the liveliness of the city which has a lot of activities to offer.

Things to know: 

Before choosing your university, you should consider the following tips.

First, the language. Here in Barcelona, most universities have courses in Spanish, but some teachers decide to do their classes half in Spanish, half in Catalan. So even though you might be acquainted with the Spanish language, you might need to know a technical words in Catalan, just to get by. Also, some universities have courses in English.
Second, the specialty. If you want to major in a technical bachelor, you probably should find the best university in your area of expertise. Barcelona has a lot to offer, but is well known for its arts’ and business’ departments.
Last but not least, the location and the price. Depending on where you live, you should choose a university that is relatively close to you. Transportation is available to you but some universities can be one hour away from where you are. On the same note, the price range is huge because some universities are private and some are public, so choose wisely!